EFFORTS is offering job-oriented Short term Programs along with 100% placement. Short term courses in the following areas of expertise

F&B; Operations
Front Desk Operations
Food Borne Illness Sanitation & Hygiene

The EFFORTS Educational Institute introduces high school students to the OPPORTUNITIES available in the HOSPITALITY and TOURISM industry.

Tomorrow's hospitality professionals get their career start with the EFFORTS Educational Institute's post high school programs. Students are beginning career exploration, earlier than ever before. The hospitality industry is one with dynamic growth potential, with over 200 industry careers available in a number of different disciplines. The travel and tourism industry directly employs more than 221 million people worldwide. In India itself, travel and tourism is amongst the first three largest employer in majority states. For many young seasonal employees a job in hospitality offers the first meaningful employment experience with competitive remuneration.

The EFFORTS Educational Institute introduces three hospitality programs for high school students in the hospitality and tourism industry. All three training programs have a focus on educating students on the career pathways and skills needed to build a long-term career in this fast paced and exciting industry! For more information about Hospitality High School Programs, please contact: Sanjey Kumar Bhatiya +919727777759

Training & Placement

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