Efforts / Resources

Hotels, Restaurants & Club Training Resources

EFFORTS implements the latest training methods followed by the best of hotels, restaurants, cafe’s, culinary clubs, bars & associate trainers. Our educators are themselves employed in the hospitality sector.

We use multiple practical training tools and not just rely on theory and books, as we know that the industry has evolved and is evolving as we speak. Hundreds of man hours of experienced culinary resources, food & beverage updates, chef training, waiter training and online training skills are used, Plus Power point and presentation resources, training in computer and numeracy skills, customer service training form a major part of our curriculum.

Our faculty is all actively involved in the hospitality sector and our team is fortified by trained professionals who themselves are in various fields of hospitality. In addition, the institute arranges for guest lectures in the campus for leading managers and trainers to come and take workshops for our students.
The training modules on hospitality are designed to inspire you: if learning is enjoyable, retention is always improved. We assist you in doing a great job and advance your career...We believe life is better when shared and that extends to our workplace culture. EFFORTS faculty always goes the extra mile for our students with friendly and warm learning atmosphere and smart training procedures that create lasting bonds.

Our dynamic workforce brings together talented team players who have travelled extensively and have a rich exposure from around the world. To attract and retain the best and brightest, we offer exceptional benefits, world-class training & strategic career development for an outstanding associate experience at EFFORTS.